2014 USAWest Square Dance Convention -- Pendleton, OR

Wednesday Evening BBQ and Mainstream Dance

Wednesday evening, we will be putting on a special evening of entertainment to kick off your Pendleton experience.

We will be starting off the evening with a terrific catered BBQ on Wednesday at 6:30 PM, August 13, as a kick off event for the 13th USAWest Square Dance Convention in the Pendleton Convention Center. The menu will include some Northwest favorites. Those of you who attended USAWest in 2008 will remember what a good BBQ the Convention Center staff puts on.

After the BBQ has a chance to settle, we'll clear off the dishes and set up for a rip-roarin' mainstream square dance called by "The Crew", a ragtag bunch of Oregon-based national callers. "The Crew" consists of Daryl Clendenin, Jim Hattrick, Randy Dibble, and Les Seeley. "The Crew" will keep you hopping in a fun and energetic dance from 8 PM to 10 PM.

You can sign up for this special event on your registration form. The price will be $25 per person for the dinner and the dance. You can download this flyer for the special event, if you'd like to post them in your area.

Click the image to download the flyer.